— Welcome to Cypress Legacy —

Cypress Legacy: The Board Game is an adventurous and competitive game for two to six players, based on the Cypress Inheritance Saga. This board game series will continue to evolve, adding more games, based on locations and events within the Cypress Inheritance Saga.

Cypress Legacy was created to be an exciting and engaging board game with intellect, depth, and strategy, for the entire family to enjoy! Produced from the highest-quality materials and packaging and evolving through several iterations over the past few years, we believe we have achieved a game that has not only exceeded our company’s goals, but is also something that will appeal to gamers of all ages and experiences. Our testers have shown a tremendous positive response, and we think you will enjoy the game as well!

The story you are playing within begins with Lorna Ritten just learning of Alfred Cypress, the grandfather she has never known. Lorna has always wanted to find out more about her biological family, which has always been a mystery. Her grandfather’s attorney, Phillip Brandt, tells Lorna of an inheritance, which includes one of her grandfather’s many mansions and its contents. Her desire to know more marks the beginning of a very unique and potentially dangerous situation. Lorna has no idea just how important this actually is to her and will be to others…