Founded in 2012, Cypress Inheritance, LLC, is a private multi-media franchise located in Florida. Our philosophy is to maintain a company that has solid standards and is truly a family-friendly brand.

Our company mission is to supply high-quality products that are family-friendly and provide a unique and enjoyable experience. We also do our best to bring solid and reliable customer service. We do maintain a solid foundation of integrity while providing enjoyable products to our customers and will continue to keep this focus.
The idea for Cypress Inheritance started with the creation of a movie script. This then brought about the idea of using the story as a basis for a mobile game app. The game app was the beginning of a myriad of other product development, including a PC and VR game and a board game. All of these products evolved from the story, and are currently being revised for a higher-quality re-release. We are excited to be in the final stages of preparing to launch the first novel in our series, Cypress Inheritance.