The idea for Cypress Inheritance started with the creation of a movie script. This then brought about the idea of using the story as a basis for a mobile game app. The game app was the beginning of a myriad of other product development, including a PC and VR game and a board game. All of these products evolved from the story, and are currently being revised for a higher-quality re-release. We are excited to be in the final stages of preparing to launch the first novel in our series, Cypress Inheritance.

Below is an overview of some of the history with our products and plans.

Cypress Inheritance APP

CYPRESS INHERITANCE: The Game App was one of the first products to be produced. This game is undergoing a complete redesign and storyline realignment using a new engine. One of the most popular elements within this game is the voiceover by  Saffron Burrows, who did an excellent job of capturing the essence of Vonya for the game. Below is a behind-the-scenes video showing a portion of that production process. We are happy to have had Saffron be a part of the production, and look forward to re-releasing the game with the highest quality in every aspect.

(Below are a few videos and screenshots of the App in Production)

(Planned release March 2021)

Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning

Our PC game is also being completely rebuilt. This game starts a little deeper in the story and includes a variety of game play elements for an engaging experience. As with all our products, the PC game will be family-friendly while carrying a strong intellect and deeper story within. Below are a few screenshots of the redesign of this game.

(Below are a few screenshots of the PC/Console Game in Production)

(Planned release June 2021)

As we continue our updates, we will share insights and information here.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy Cypress Inheritance!