Discover a new way to experience table-top gaming with Cypress Legacy: The Board Game for PC and Virtual Reality. Bring the physical board to life in an immersive and interactive way. Explore the Cypress Mansion and all it has to offer in a real world scale. Compete against players from all across the globe in a race to secure Lorna Ritten’s inheritance.

Expected Early Access launch date in 2021. The retail price will be $59.99.

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Cypress Legacy is an adventurous and competitive board game for two to six players, based on the Cypress Inheritance Saga. Cypress Legacy is a game based on locations and events within the Cypress Inheritance Saga series. Cypress Legacy was created to be an exciting and engaging board game with intellect, depth, and strategy, for the entire family to enjoy. The story you are playing within begins with Lorna Ritten just learning of Alfred Cypress, the grandfather she has never known. Lorna has always wanted to find out more about her biological family, which has always been a mystery. Her grandfather’s attorney, Phillip Brandt, tells Lorna of an inheritance, which includes one of her grandfather’s many mansions and its contents. Her desire to know more marks the beginning of a very unique and potentially dangerous situation. Lorna has no idea just how important this actually is to her and will be to others. As Lorna is studying some of the inheritance documents before visiting the mansion, she realizes there are objects that hold key information hidden throughout the mansion. These include maps and other unique items concerning Alfred’s work, as well as more about Lorna’s biological family. And even though she realizes she is being watched and is possibly even in danger, she still wants to move forward. With this in mind as you begin the game, imagine Lorna has called on you as her true and trusted friend to help secure these items from the Cypress Mansion and then get out as quickly as possible. You will encounter others who are trying to get this valuable information as well, so you need to be careful and trust no one. The mansion itself also has many surprises to make your mission even more exciting—and dangerous. You will need to use the resources available and pay attention to everything. Regardless of what you face, you must continue to acquire what is needed to help Lorna in her quest to learn the truth, gain the assets, and then get out safely.


  • Real world scale of the Cypress Mansion as it’s presented on the physical game board

  • Multiplayer for up to 6 players from anywhere in the world

  • Interactive environmental elements in every room

  • Unique take on classic table-top gaming

  • Two ways to play – Play in a third person perspective in PC or jump into virtual reality for an immersive first person experience



The main goal of CYPRESS LEGACY: The Board Game is to collect the revealed Inheritances, find and retrieve the Security Access Key, and then escape the mansion by reaching the FINISH space on the game board. Use any cards available in your inventory to help you through the game.


Use Weapons, Skills, Assets, and Classified Prototypes to become the first player to escape the Cypress Mansion with all required Inheritance items.


(Note: Images and videos shown are from work in progress of the game. Final version will be feature packed and immersive.)
(Note: Images and videos shown are from work in progress of the game. Final version will be feature packed and immersive.)