Cypress Legacy: The Board Game is an adventurous and competitive game for two to six players, based on the Cypress Inheritance Saga.

Objective: Use Weapons, Skills, Assets, and Classified Prototypes to be the first player to escape the Cypress Mansion with all the required inheritance items and be Lorna’s proven friend.

Game Specifications


Minimum 1 hour


2-6 players


12+ years old

Game Content

  • A – 1 Game Board

  • B – 6 Player Pieces

  • C – 13 Inheritance Tokens

  • D – 2 Dice

  • E – 158 Event Cards

  • F – 70 Asset Cards

  • G – 24 Weapon Cards

  • H – 12 Classified Prototype Cards

  • I – 24 Skill Cards

  • J – 16 Inheritance Cards

  • K – 1 Security Access Key Card

  • L – 16 Security Override Key Cards

  • M – 6 Cypress Reset Cards

  • N – 1 Manual

  • O – 1 Quick Start Guide


The main goal of Cypress Legacy: The Board Game is to escape the mansion with all of the required Inheritances.

There are 16 rooms located around the map. Each room has an entryway that is marked the color green. These entryways may be freely passed through. Some rooms may have locked entryways. These entryways require a keycard to travel through.

There are also two Storage Rooms that have locked doors. If the player is detained, they have a few options to escape.

Throughout the board you will find these three symbols:







Passing over them will reward the player with certain item cards.

Before the first player plays their turn, lay out the Inheritance cards face down (the amount of these change depending on how many players are playing). All players start the game with a Weapon card and a Cypress Reset card. Weapon cards will help you in combat scenarios against enemy Events or other players. After the setup, the starting player will flip up an Inheritance card and reveal its location on the board. That’s your first objective!

During your first turn, you’ll draw a random Event card and follow its instructions. Then you roll the die to determine how many spaces you can move your player token from your start point. Make your way to revealed Inheritances and collect them before other players.

Once you have enough Inheritances, you’ll receive a Security Override Key card with the location of the item. This item will unlock the mansion for you and allow you to escape and become the winner!

Below is a 2 player demo video.

High quality cards with large detailed artwork

327 total cards, 9 card types

69 unique cards with exclusive artwork for each

Samples of a few of our cards with their final layout and artwork.


Below are the Weapons Cards used in Cypress Legacy: The Board Game.


Weapon cards are randomly drawn cards that aid in player versus player combat and enemy combat Events Cards.

Weapons are only used during combat and never discarded after use.

(12 unique weapons, 24 total weapon cards included in Cypress Legacy.)

Below are the Asset Cards used in Cypress Legacy: The Board Game.


Asset cards are randomly drawn items that are the key to gaining an advantage over other players in both player versus player combat and Event scenarios. Asset cards are single use and up to two may be held in a player’s inventory.

(9 unique assets, 70 total cards included in Cypress Legacy: The Board Game.)

Below are a few of our most up-to-date Skill Cards with their final layouts and artwork.


Skill cards are randomly drawn cards that give players a huge advantage in both player versus player combat and Event scenarios. Skill cards can be used during every turn but you may hold only one of this card type.

(12 unique skills, 24 total cards included in Cypress Legacy: The Board Game.)


Premium game board with realistic and incredibly detailed rooms within the Cypress Mansion

Click on each image for a closer view of some of the rooms on the board.

Premium Edition

A few images of the Premium Edition

A video and few images of the Premium Edition in Production

Contrast between Premium Edition and Standard Edition

Standard Edition Box

A few images of the Standard Edition


Cypress Legacy: The Board Game is for 2 to 6 players taking place in one of the Cypress Mansions. Players will take on the role of trying to work their way through the massive mansion while trying to achieve their objectives, and prove to be Lorna’s true friend. Each player knows of the other players that are within the mansion and views them as someone who is trying to steal what is there. The player to achieve the goals, will be considered the winner and thus the true friend of Lorna. You will have at times, skills that you can earn or possibly steal. You can also acquire assets and or weapons that will aid you in your task at hand.

Classified Prototypes are very hard to get but are extremely useful if acquired. One example of a Classified Prototype is being able to gain control over the Knights for one turn, be able to capture as well as then send adversaries to the Storage Room and be locked in.

The mansion has its own elements that are going to be hard to get around but with how it has been designed there are also a few very useful elements it also offers. One such benefit is the Security access key, that if acquired gives you additional passages to expedite your journey. Using these and planning your moves well are very important to locate and acquire the “Inheritances”. Once achieved then your next task is going to be getting all required items to get out without losing what you have and is needed to take back to Lorna.

Each time a player has a turn, they will draw and event card prior to their role. This will effect their planning and next move or in some cases change everything with the fact the Mansion, Vonya and the Knights are a ever present factor. There are (158) Event Cards Alone.

Additionally in a players turn they can choose to have PVP prior to drawing or roll of dice, depending on cards you may hold and where the other player may be.

Your movement, planning and deck building, will be key to your acquiring what you need and escaping the mansion! (327) Total Cards In Cypress Legacy: The Board Game

Whether you are two players or six, from the first roll to success, the drama to acquire what you need and escape grows continually. This feature is in the game every time you play and with the design, also gives great replayability.

It has taken some time and a lot of changes especially over the last year and a half, from art to game design. We wanted to take the extra time to adjust the game play and have a very good balance to the game. Now we are very happy with the results and are beginning to get the game out.

Cypress Legacy: The Board Game is based on the Cypress Inheritance Saga.

OBJECTIVE: Use Weapons, Skills, Assets, and Classified Prototypes to be the first player to escape the Cypress Mansion with all the required inheritance items and be Lorna’s proven friend.

STORY: The story you are playing within begins with Lorna Ritten just learning of Alfred Cypress, the grandfather she has never known. Lorna has always wanted to find out more about her biological family, which has always been a mystery. Her grandfather’s attorney, Phillip Brandt, tells Lorna of an inheritance, which includes one of her grandfather’s many mansions and its contents. Her desire to know more marks the beginning of a very unique and potentially dangerous situation. Lorna has no idea just how important this actually is to her and will be to others. As Lorna is studying some of the inheritance documents before visiting the mansion, she realizes there are objects that hold key information hidden throughout the mansion. These include maps and other unique items concerning Alfred’s work, as well as more about Lorna’s biological family. And even though she realizes she is being watched and is possibly even in danger, she still wants to move forward. With this in mind as you begin the game, imagine Lorna has called on you as her true and trusted friend to help secure these items from the Cypress Mansion and then get out as quickly as possible.

You will encounter others who are trying to get this valuable information as well, so you need to be careful and trust no one. The mansion itself also has many surprises to make your mission even more exciting—and dangerous. You will need to use the resources available and pay attention to everything. Regardless of what you face, you must continue to acquire what is needed to help Lorna in her quest to learn the truth, gain the assets, and then get out safely.



Here is our current rule set for Cypress Legacy: The Board Game.

All artwork for the manual will be updated prior to shipping.



Some of our history throughout the production process from the earliest iteration to the latest as we developed

Cypress Legacy: The Board Game

Final Iteration


Mid-way Point Iteration


Earliest Iteration


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