Lorna Ritten Sixth Scale Statue


Lorna Ritten Sixth Scale Statue

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Lorna Ritten

(Lorna Ritten – Render)


The first statue from Cypress Inheritance, comes from the final version of Lorna that is used on the front cover of the board game we have now completed and released (Cypress Legacy).

Being our first statue to be released of the characters in the Cypress Inheritance story, this statue will be very detailed from the shoe laces to the sword to her cloths and necklace, all sculpted to meet the render shown above and then painted to match with the same high quality. She will have a base that she can be placed on that will also be removable. She will stand without the base at 11″.

January 2019 marks going into our eighth year as a company. When the company started, it did with the idea of the story and this led to different products. Over the last few years we have been basically rebuilding all of these and now have started to put forth one of the first with the board game. It now is very solid and complete and we are happy to have it moving forward. There are several that will also follow through the year as well and now will be up to a high quality standard, also all within the story.

Over the last year and half, going back through and making changes to the board game and basically all the art, with now having it solid and launched, we wanted to also launch the first character statue. Lorna, is the first to be released and is one of many characters within the Cypress Inheritance Saga. Just to name a few more in the story, there is Alfred Cypress, Vonya, Brianna, Chelsea, Phillip, and McCallister, these are only a few, but does give a little more of what is to come.

Product Size 11″

Orders Will begin to ship in April 2021

Materials Resin

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